Comment 4 for bug 1772859

------- Comment From <email address hidden> 2018-06-06 03:26 EDT-------

We understand Network Manager is good for desktop but not servers.
But given the stability NetworkManager is bringing in and ease of use across different operating systems, i assume users are not restricted not to use NetworkManager for servers. The reason being we going with network manager as explained is to reuse the code for all distros.

Note : Netplan is not present/installed in our ubuntu. So by default we are expecting network manager to work.

root@57fb2571ae8a:~# ls -l /etc | grep netplan

If we need to start using netplan, probably we have to re-write the code to configure yaml files which can be understood by netplan.

So as a workaround, we would like to understand why network manager is failing to manage the devices?
This is definitely to do with open issue,

Let me know if more data is needed for analysis, Thanks