Comment 4 for bug 1491612

Brad Kowalczyk (brad-ibiscode) wrote :

This one has annoyed me for quite a while now (well before 15.x). Having to disable/enable wifi to get network manager applet to see the wifi ssid (or wait quit a while) is a bit of a pain and shouldn't be necessary for a modern OS. Also, the fact that there is no way anywhere, either in network-manager applet or in network manager itself (network settings), to force a refresh really sucks.

My network manager applet disappeared for a while (until I worked out how to fix that) so to get my lappy to see my wifi I had open Network Settings, click "Connect to a hidden network", then select the ssid from the drop down list of known networks. Not exactly convenient!

So a "scan now" button would be great, along with more frequent automatic wifi scanning.