Comment 8 for bug 1480877

Andrea Bernabei (faenil) wrote :

after more investigation with awe on IRC, I can provide the following info:

here are the packages I have in the apt cache:
nothing that could cause this issue, as far as I can tell

More info about the problem:
"nmcli d" reports mobile data as CONNECTED, wifi as
wlan0 wifi connecting (getting IP configuration) Morino

Morino is an AP that doesn't exist in the place where I am right now, it is an access point which was created via Win8.1 at home (infrastructure mode) in an attempt to share the internet connection of a laptop running Win8.

So, it seems NM is stuck trying to connect to an access point which doesn't currently exist.

The network indicator shows the mobile data icon, yet the wifi network lists shows "Morino" (the non-existing AP) as green, which means it's connected (or connecting as well, maybe?)