Comment 3 for bug 1480877

Andrea Bernabei (faenil) wrote :

It seems I hit an evolved version of this bug.

My phone is right now unusable, dbus-daemon taking 99% of the cpu, and dbus-monitor shows about 30 signals like this:

signal sender=:1.0 -> dest=(null destination) serial=78512 path=/com/ubuntu/Upstart; interface=com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6; member=EventEmitted
   string "dbus"
   array [
      string "SIGNAL=PropertiesChanged"
      string "BUS=system"
      string "INTERFACE=org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.AccessPoint"
      string "OBJPATH=/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager/AccessPoint/2281"
      string "SENDER=:1.8"

Every 2-3 seconds I get a new burst of 30-ish signals.

The phone is so slowed down it takes about 15-20 seconds (and some patience) to be able to just swipe away the lockscreen.

I'll try not to reboot the device right now so that we can keep debugging it and hopefully get rid of this beast :)

so if there's anyone in the audience who'd like me to get some more useful logs, please shout! :)