Comment 16 for bug 1480877

Andrea Bernabei (faenil) wrote :

I'll try to address some questions here, more answers will come in the next comment, sorry about that.

It seems to always happen at least at the office (BlueFin), where your script reports 26 APs.

Yes the problem disappears if I disable WiFi.

After reboot, the problem disappears, at least at the beginning, the number of PropertiesChanged I see in dbus-monitor is much lower. So it seems to be about something which gets worse with time. Even if I didn't move, I'm seeing 1-4 PropertiesChanged at a time instead of 30-ish.

I've been waiting for 10minutes but I still don't have the problem, after reboot.

I'll try disabling the dbus bridge as soon as I get the problem again, which is just a matter of time I guess.

The eduroam is most likely not related.

Yes I have the latest update installed, r94 rc-proposed, krillin.