Comment 14 for bug 1480877

Tony Espy (awe) wrote :


As mentioned on IRC, we still need more information in order to determine what the real problem(s) are.

I did a little more investigation regarding the DBus events you're seeing on the session bus. By default, an upstart bridge is started on the session bus which forwards all signals from the system bus to the session bus. See /usr/share/upstart/sessions/upstart-dbus-system-bridge.conf for details of this job.

Problem 1:

 * We need some way to quantify "many access points". Does "many" mean more than five? ten? Again, without a reproducible scenario, we can't begin to narrow this down... Taking a look at your first pastebin in your description, I only see ~40 access points involved which doesn't seem to be all that many. I routinely see ~25 in my home office.

 * Do you have a location where this problem always occur? Does the problem happen every time you're in this location? Does the condition persist until you leave this location? What happens if you reboot while at the location? What happens if you disable Wi-Fi while at this location?

 * I will attach a script which will dump some information out about NM's Wi-Fi device, including the number of access points that are currently visible to NM. The next time the problem manifests, can you please run the script and add the output to a comment?

 * This next step may break other things on your system, but it's worth a try... If you can reliably reproduce the problem, before entering the area with the excess of APs, please run the following command as the phablet user on the phone:

% stop upstart-dbus-system-bridge

 * When you're done testing, please remember to start the bridge ( replace "stop" with "start" ), or reboot the device.

 * Please note the times when the problem occurs and make sure to attach your syslog. This will allow me to look at what NM was doing at the time the problem happened. If you want, you can reduce the size of the log by using the following command:

$ grep "NetworkManager" syslog > nm.out

...and attach just the nm.out file.

 * Looking at your syslog from comment #6, I see a couple of notable things:

   - at some point, you appear to be connecting to a Wi-Fi WPA-Enterprise network ( eduroam ). Does this correlate to when you see the problem?

   - I also note that around 11:24 on Aug 6, your device appears to have rapidly roamed between a couple of the office APs in Bluefin. This could also be a potential source of the problem.

 * Finally, before doing any re-test, can you ensure you have the latest updates installed? We just released a new version of NM which fixes a problem with scanning. It's probably not related, but you never know...

Problem 2:

Please try to reproduce and file a separate bug for the issue where NM gets stuck trying to connect to the Windows8.1 AP.