Comment 132 for bug 1480877

Tony Espy (awe) wrote :


Just wanted to confirm that we don't need any more investigation re: your comment #131 ( I think that may be the largest comment # I've seen in a LP bug ), as your latest update to bug #1524133 indicated that you'd isolated the problem to a SIM with an expired data plan?


We should probably close this bug out when OTA8.5 is released, and then push another update to the PPA that contains the updated patch with the desktop crash fix ( bug #1523975 ). I've attached yet another of the version of the patch which just includes the additional wiredDevice NULL check from Lorn's latest patch.


Thanks again for all the help. Again, once the OTA8.5 update has been released, we can focus on transitioning to the connectivity API based bearer plugin for our next update.