Comment 14 for bug 139403

Hi Alexander - I am seeing problems with network-manager / network-manager-gnome that seem related to this. At least the bugs that seem to describe it are marked as dups of this one ;-)

The symptom I see is that network-manager is *not* managing my wired network, when it should. At the office I have both a wired LAN, and a wifi signal. Network manager is choosing the wifi signal and not allowing me to revert to the wired LAN. This symptom is similar to what is reported under #126494 . This is with current gutsy witn network-manager 0.6.5-0ubuntu14 and network-manager-gnome 0.6.5-0ubuntu9 .

I _can_ get the networking infrastructure to use the LAN, saying `sudo ifdown eth1` but then NM thinks we have no network, and doesn't let me use the VPNs I have configured. So this is quite an awkward regression.

Does the statement that "network manager should stop to manage _any_ interface that is configured in /etc/network/interfaces" mean that for things to work well I have to remove eth0 from /etc/network/interfaces? How about lo?