Comment 3 for bug 1261648

I found this
I compile NM with patch 0001-don-t-consider-not-needed-secrets-for-has_system_secr.diff as discribed on

As I see in DEBUG log this patch skip all not needed secrets, but my problem still not completely resolved, we are using WPA2 Enterprise network (EAP-TTLS) and as I found EAP authentication has two variants of secrets: 'password' and 'password-raw' (

password-raw not used in graphical configurator but it is possible to set it and it flag only by editing config file or via API

I checked all possible combination and found that 'password-raw' used only if it's set in config file or if password-flag=NM_SETTING_SECRET_FLAG_NOT_REQUIRED

I think 'password-raw' flag should be considered with 'password' flag