Comment 10 for bug 1124803

Ernie 07 (ernestboyd) wrote :

Hi Max,

Using 64-bit 3.8.0-16-generic #26-Ubuntu SMP Mon Apr 1 19:52:57 UTC 2013 from the 2013-04_02 daily build:

1. NetworkManager stopped correctly (immediately) via sudo stop network-manager.
2. A reboot to an alternate system and fsck of the system under test presented errors.

Regardless of whether I stopped or restarted NetworkManager, as long as I manually unchecked Enable Networking, a clean shutdown would occur and a subsequent fsck would show no errors.

A process (maybe more than one) is being gracefully shut down when I manually uncheck Enable Networking but is not getting properly shutdown via sudo stop network-manager. Hope this data point is helpful.