Comment 7 for bug 1084064

Para Siva (psivaa) wrote :

OK, here's what I have found lately,
To the VM's created using an old image raring-desktop-i386 -20121108.2 i386 (using libvirt on quantal host) I can ssh fromt he same host using
                                ssh ubuntu@ubuntu-virtual-machine

But to the VM's crated using the latest images -20121129 ( using the same method as the old VM was created) I can not ssh using the same command but instead i need to add a .local at the end of the host name
       i.e. in the new VMs
                             ssh ubuntu@ubuntu-virtual-machine does NOT work
   but instead ssh <email address hidden> DOES work

NB: openssh-server was installed on the VMs soon after the installation of VMs