Comment 5 for bug 596942

Angel, Daniel,

AFAIK, the Ubuntu version of network-manager doesn't usually follow Debian, so I'm not sure it should be merged. I know in some cases Michael Biebl (the Debian maintainer for NM and the plugins) used code from the Ubuntu branches directly for upload to debian, at least, that was the case for ConnMan..

That said, I can see a number of fixes and changes that might be very good to include in the uploads I'm hoping to do very soon for NM and its VPN plugins. These uploads will bring NM and all back to following pretty closely the upstream git tree.

I think this bug should probably be marked invalid, unless (further discussion?) it is decided that we should follow Debian?

Angel, I would suggest you look into the network-manager team branches (, to see how you can contribute some of the changes in your debdiffs into the branches. You can ping me, or hang around in #nm on IRC, or email the team if you need help. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions. :)