Comment 56 for bug 684599

Geoff (geoffch) wrote :

Sorry about posting twice in a row. Somehow my the previous one was sent before I hit the "Post Comment" button. Anyway, I notice that nm-applet is not the only Gnome application with this problem, but it seems to be the most susceptible. The problem is that the file "icon-theme.cache" is mapped into memory multiple times. Initially it is mapped twice (and on my desktop machine there seem to be two different-sized files each mapped twice. Then, over time, the same file is mapped again and again into more memory. As I understand it, this file is supposed to be mapped into shared memory. However, none of the Gnome appplications seem to do so. If this were fixed in all of the Gnome applications that used it, then a ton of memory would be saved. BTW, both my desktop and laptop have the same pentium "coppermine" cpu and 512 MB of RAM.