Comment 17 for bug 684599

sojourner, Jakub, thanks for confirming that it's at least a little better now -- I uploaded a reworked patch that listens to signals from NM before updating the menu, instead of doing this on fixed intervals. I suspect there is still an issue either in nm-applet itself, or in libappindicator (or another related library), but I can't tell exactly where. To know you're using the updated nm-applet, confirm you are running network-manager-gnome version 0.8.3+git.20101209t081952.0330eca-0ubuntu1.

Regardless, I'm keeping this open hopefully for the duration of the development cycle for natty (or until the patch is adopted upstream) so that we can track progress.

As for remaining aspects that seem to leak: opening dialogs off the menu appear to generate a rather high increase and no freeing (though I think the dialogs are kept rather than recreated), with a few bytes more every next opening of the same dialog. There is also a slight increase after a while running, particularly with multiple wireless APs in the list. This still needs to be investigated more.