Comment 12 for bug 1835818

Dan Streetman (ddstreet) wrote :

> fixing this 'bug' would cause a behavior change (regression) for some users that
> actually now expect their autofs mount points to be mounted by snmpd

I'm not an autofs expert, but my understanding is that autofs "automatically" mounts configured directories, on access. So, assuming that net-snmp was previously accessing a user's autofs mounts at bootup, causing them to be mounted, those directories would now not be mounted at boot time, but would still be mounted by autofs when the user actually accessed them, at any point during runtime.

So, the user-visible change would only be:

before: autofs mounts are mounted at boot time, adding some delay to boot
after: autofs mounts are mounted at runtime on directory access, adding some delay to initial access of an autofs directory

This should not introduce any error for users when accessing their autofs mounts (although, if there is some problem actually mounting an autofs mount, that error would be *moved* from boot-time to runtime initial access).

Additionally, autofs mounts have timeouts which un-mount them, so in the long run of any particular system, this is a no-op.

As the design of autofs is demand-based mounting, having them all mounted at boot time makes autofs somewhat pointless, AFAICT; the system admin should just make them normal mounts if that's what is desired.