Comment 10 for bug 613796

k3lt01 (keltoiboy) wrote :

This is my laptop: and the relevant Wireless card is the Acer version of the IPN2220 Wireless LAN Card.

I tried various ndiswrappers today but no change, unfortunately because I was hoping it would be simple like the old Gutsy to Feisty trick I did years ago.

I do think the comment above in #1 and I quote
 "as ndiswrapper should only be a temporary solution and not used in long-term situations (i.e. users should buy compatible hardware)."
is unfortunate. Not everyone can afford to just go and buy a brand new, or even second hand, compatible laptop. Personally, mine was a gift and it has been through every version of Ubuntu since Feisty and if ndiswrapper is no longer supported or this issue fixed it will end up staying with Lucid and I can no longer do any testing as this is my main machine.

I can run all the usual tests for outputs but I wouldn't be able to post them up because I can't connect to post them up.