Comment 5 for bug 105414

stefanokan (paoli-stefano) wrote :

I found a solution that appears as a workaround.
I red this post by Tormod Volden :
and tried this:
sudo update-rc.d -f networking remove
Than rename the script networking inside /etc/init.d/ (e.g /etc/init.d/networking.bak)
Than reboot.
Than i had no more delay but the wireless networks did not work.
Make a backup of etc/network/interfaces (e.g. copying as etc/network/interfaces.bak)
Than rename /etc/init.d/networking.bak in /etc/init.d/networking
Give command: sudo update-rc.d networking multiuser
Rename etc/network/interfaces.bak in etc/network/interfaces
Now you should have no delay on boot and the wireless network on.
I did not understand why, but it works.
Good Luck.