lib32ncurses5-dev does not include libcurses symlinks

Bug #485118 reported by David W on 2009-11-19
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ncurses (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

On Ubuntu 9.10, for package lib32ncurses5-dev 5.7+20090803-2ubuntu2 does not complain symlinks from /usr/lib32/libcurses.a to /usr/lib32/libncurses.a and /usr/lib32/ to /usr/lib32/ like libncurses5-dev does for /usr/lib.

This causes problems for the CMake FindCurses module in cmake 2.8 which then attempts to link programs with a "-lcurses" flag, which does not work. Configure scripts and Makefiles with similar assumptions will also not work without this symlink.

Celsius (celsius-netbel) wrote :

I just had the same problem (while trying to compile 32bits application on Ubuntu 9.10 64 bits), created the symlinks in /usr/lib32/ and now cmake finds it

Steve Langasek (vorlon) on 2010-06-16
Changed in ncurses (Ubuntu):
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :
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This bug was fixed in the package ncurses - 5.7+20101128-1

ncurses (5.7+20101128-1) experimental; urgency=low

  [ Sven Joachim ]
  * New upstream patchlevel.
    - Clarify that infotocap, captoinfo and tic read text files and do
      not work with compiled terminfo files (Closes: #593920).
  * Remove dangling /usr/share/terminfo/k/kon2 symlink (Closes: #522435).
  * Add an ncurses-examples package containing the compiled test programs
    (Closes: #34182). Stop shipping the sources in libncurses5-dev.
  * Move documentation and section 3 manpages to a new ncurses-doc package
    (Closes: #233400). Suggest ncurses-doc in all -dev packages.
  * Register the documentation in doc-base (Closes: #451667).
  * Remove the rather useless README.Debian (Closes: #606034).
  * Move libtic libraries to /usr.
  * Tighten the dependencies of the lib{32,64}ncurses*-dev packages to their
    regular counterparts.
  * Provide symbols files in all library packages.
    - Use them to compute the dependencies of the other packages instead of
      messing around with local shlibs files.
  * Ship mlterm terminfo in ncurses-term (see #485448).
  * Ship curses and termcap symlinks in lib{32,64}ncurses5-dev (LP: #485118).
  * Add lintian override for the empty /usr/share/terminfo directory that
    was introduced in 5.7+20100313-2.
  * Stop building the test programs in every library build.
  * Fix non-idempotency of the install (and thus the binary) target in
    debian/rules introduced in 5.7+20100313-1.
  * Do not unnecessarily add /lib32 and /usr/lib32 to dh_shlibdeps' search
    path when calculating the dependencies of the 32-bit libraries.
  * Do not allow dh_shlibdeps to fail for the 64-bit libraries.
  * Drop most patches as obsolete or unused:
    - 09-fix-delscreen-segfault.diff, applied upstream.
    - 06-kfreebsd.diff, apparently no longer needed.
    - 03-linux-use-fsuid.diff, patched code that is not compiled if ncurses
      is configured with "--disable-termcap", as we do.
    - 01-use-d-reentrant.diff, no longer needed since all architectures moved
      away from LinuxThreads and Policy 3.9.1 has explicitly removed the need
      to #define _REENTRANT.
  * Refresh all remaining Debian patches and add DEP-3 headers to them.
  * Remove the fix for bug #127622 from 02-debian-backspace.diff,
    no longer needed.
  * Update patch 02-debian-backspace.diff to get kbs=\177 in all screen-*
    terminfo entries (Closes: #602300).
  * Drop the rather outdated screen terminfo from the debian directory and use
    the one provided by upstream's terminfo.src instead.
  * Get CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS from dpkg-buildflags, adding a build
    dependency on dpkg-dev (>= 1.15.7).
  * Switch to format 3.0 (quilt).
    - Remove quilt build dependency and patch/unpatch logic from debian/rules.
    - Drop debian/README.source.
  * Add a debian/watch file.
  * Extend the package descriptions.
  * Remove duplicate "Priority:" fields from debian/control.
  * Update debian/copyright:
    - Update FSF Copyright years.
    - Mention other copyright holders and licenses.
    - Give a pointer to the current location of the ncurses sources.
    - Stop me...


Changed in ncurses (Ubuntu):
status: New → Fix Released
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