Comment 22 for bug 882307

Joao Leonor (joao-leonor) wrote :

Finally I got it!

Here are the exact steps to reproduce the behavior that Pablo is talking about

1. Open Nautilus (it has to be a newly opened window)
2. Right click a file and chose Rename. Nautilus will highlight the file name.
3. Now Right click again on the highlighted part of the name and chose Copy.
4. Press Esc
5. Right click on an empty space of the window, without choosing a file, so the context menu appears
6. Close the context menu (clicking on another file or pressing escape)
7. Right Click on a file and chose copy
8. Now right click again on an empty space of the window (without choosing a file) and voila! The paste option will be gray like if it was disabled, but if you chose it, it will still work, the file will be pasted like Pablo and the others said.

In my opinion this is a completely different bug from the one I reported originally, it happens not only in list view but also in icon and compact view. I tested it in 2 different pcs with Ubuntu 12.04.
An oddity about this bug is that if you copy and paste a file before step 2, the bug doesn't happen. It only happens if you reproduce the steps I described the first time you open a new nautilus window. And only affects the context menu (mouse right click).
I tested the same steps with the window menu and it works fine. In the original bug I reported, the window menu was also affected.

The bug that Pablo described, in my opinion, it's not a duplicate of the one I described, it's similar but not the same.

Hope it helps.