Toggle button for Nautilus location field gone

Bug #508632 reported by Ying Hu on 2010-01-17
This bug affects 118 people
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nautilus (Ubuntu)
Declined for Lucid by Sebastien Bacher

Bug Description

Binary package hint: nautilus

Nautilus, version 1:2.29.1-0ubuntu2 0 installed in
Lucid Lynx alpha, updated as of 01/16/2010

Icon or button to toggle between the little "boxes" view, and the text view where you can type path or ssh or whatever, of the location field is missing. The right Ctrl-L combination does not work to toggle the version of the field (the left Ctrl-L combination still works, though it took me a very annoyingly long time to find that out).

Expected behavior:
Toggle button should be there and be OBVIOUS and either Ctrl-L should work to toggle field. Nautilus MUST have a location field that a directory path can be typed into or pasted into, as with a web browser. Without this Nautilus would be nearly useless [for me] - I would switch to a different file browser or out of Gnome all together. It's a show-stopper.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Thank you for your bug report. The issue is an upstream one and it would be nice if somebody having it could send the bug the to the people writting the software (

Changed in nautilus (Ubuntu):
assignee: nobody → Ubuntu Desktop Bugs (desktop-bugs)
importance: Undecided → Wishlist
Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

you can tweak /apps/nautilus/preferences/always_use_location_entry in gconf-editor too if you want to use that by default

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

(not sure if that's a bug or an upstream choice)

Sense Egbert Hofstede (sense) wrote :

This issue was already reported upstream, but I'm afraid the developers will not honour this request. I've linked this bug report; Bug Control is done here, I'm marking this as Triaged.

Changed in nautilus (Ubuntu):
status: New → Triaged
Michael Lueck (mlueck) wrote :


@Sebastien, even if it is an upstream "choice", it is wrong. This should be put back immediately.

Sense Egbert Hofstede (sense) wrote :

Michael: you may say it's wrong, but the developers may not agree with that. Therefore it would be wrong to demand this change to be reversed immediately.
Of course you could argue for your case and convince the Nautilus developers that you're right, or convince the Ubuntu Desktop team to include a patch to fix this, but that would require action from your side. You also could provide a patch that solves this bug.

Michael Lueck (mlueck) wrote :

@Sebastien: Request to report to the Gnome developers done:

Sense Egbert Hofstede (sense) wrote :

Michael: there was no need to report a new bug since there was already a report at GNOME Bugzilla: <>.

kulight (kulight) wrote :

Im missing this feature as well

svaens (svaens) wrote :

This is absolutely a bad idea. Not only is the button gone, but I prefer the location string, rather than these silly little little drive buttons.... and you can't toggle anymore either! If I went to the location path string, and then wanted to get back... I can't!!
And I have looked, but not found an option in gconfig-editor to set the location path string as default. Please put the button back!! Just because the icon wasn't ideal, doesn't mean you should remove the button altogether!! Geez!

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

there is a gconf key you can enable to show the location entry by default

Isak Frants (isakfrants) wrote :

But we do not want it to be enabled by default. I want to be able to toggle between the modes.

I find the button really useful when I quickly want to type in and jump to /usr/share/whatever instead of navigating manually. On the other hand the default layout is really useful since you can middle click on parent parent directories and browse further in another tab.

Alexander Larsson had an effective day with lots of commits. "Put tabs at bottom" has already been reverted upstream. This was the commit before that. Hopefully someone could revert these strange UI changes that bring few pros and many cons. I've never seen that button as something ugly or unnecessary.

"This takes a lot of space for something thats not commonly used. Especially with two of it visible in split view mode. Maybe we should make a preference for it, but its not interesting in the main UI. "

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

use ctrl-L if you want to type something, you are using the keyboard anyway to type no?

Isak Frants (isakfrants) wrote :

True. But
1. The toggle mode is still lost.
 - Yes why would I ever want to toggle back? Suddenly I might find myself more comfortable browsing to the place anyway. Maybe I didn't remember it's correct path by heart? Now I must click some random Back or Parent directory button or browse somewhere to have it restored.

2. What kind of hand (or keyboard) am I supposed to have to feel comfortable to do CTRL L with my left hand already on the keyboard? L for Location I know but still.
 - The button was easy to reach with mouse pointer since I probably was browsing normally when I needed the feature, thus it was positioned 3-4cm below the button. Now I need to do some bizarre ninja move to find LCTRL L since it doesn't toggle with RCTRL. Wouldn't CTRL G then be better?

If we're looking for UI elements that "takes lot of space for something thats not commonly used" I'd say remove the Delete sidebar button and replace it with the toggle button. I've never needed to delete the sidebar and if I ever needed to I could easily do that from View->Sidebar or even F9. Now I find myself deleting the sidebar instead of toggling to text mode since the Delete sidebar button is where I'd expect the toggle button to be.

Jelle De Loecker (skerit) wrote :

I can not understand why they don't put an option like this in the "preferences" window.
Editing a few gconf-keys is not an option.

Huygens (huygens-25) wrote :

Accessing the text version of the path is sometimes necessary when you want to copy in a email the full path to a directory. I even found out recently (I don't have Windows at home) that although Win7 is having something similar to the button you can easily toggle it to text to copy and paste it somewhere else.
This is not perhaps useful for a home internet user, however at work I use it quite often.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

you can use ctrl-L for getting the entry easily

Martin Wildam (mwildam) wrote :

When I first read that the button is gone, I thought "what the hack, why do they remove it!".

But after thinking about it: When I switch to that mode the very most likely thing is that I then need to touch the keyboard anyway - why else switch to the path edit mode? So when I am already know that I am going to touch the keyboard I also could already hit the hotkey to enter that mode.

Originally it was mentioned that only the left ctrl-L works. Is this maybe because Lucid running in a Virtualbox to test it out? - Virtualbox is grabbing the right ctrl key as control key itself so this might be the reason (if virtualbox used by the OP - Ying Hu).

However, there is at least one use case where I would not use the keybord - and that happens quite often in reality: Mark a folder in an email, web site or other terminal window - right mouse button - copy - switch to Nautilus - now missing button - right mouse button - paste.

But: Even if I could do this with the mouse only until that point, the last thing is I need to go to the keyboard either and hit return because there is no GO button (as in the browser). So when the button comes back there should also come a go button (only in the text edit mode that GO button is needed).

So anyway - although I didn't know about the ctrl-l and I would use that also in some cases I also want the button back - definitely.

In general: I think it is dangerous trying to serve the DAU too much by reducing everything to the minimum - you may be end up serving only those DAUs and then the system is pretty useless. And: I don't think, people are really that stupid - there are a few things many people do easy mix up or just in the hurry forget (search and location bar in the browser for instance - even I face myself sometimes having put the focus on the wrong one by accident). While some things could be improved by leaving them away (and put the functionality somewhere else!) others are there for good reason.

Huygens (huygens-25) wrote :

The problem with Ctrl+L is that this is not ergonomic, because you cannot find out (apart by going to a forum or bug report like this one) by yourself.
When you want to do this, you are just going to fiddle around with the mouse to find a way to copy the path or paste it. If it is not obvious the reaction will most probably be (but I have made no investigation on that) unhappy users who will write by hand the path in their e-mail or just use the up buttons and folders to go to the right path.
Before, with the button, it was not obvious either, but just by looking around you could find it easily. The same happen to me on Win7, I had to use it once at work, and I needed to copy the path to send it to someone, just a small fiddling and I found out (I already forgot, but that does not matter as it as easy to find) how to switch to text base pathname.

So now that I know that Ctrl+L could do the trick, I'm fine, because I know. The problem is the ergonomics behind that. There is clearly no way to find out this shortcut! And there is no other way to do it.
Therefore, this is not minimalist, this is subminimalist (implying unergonomics).

PS: I'm not against the idea that only Ctrl+L is neccessary to switch. But I am for the idea that there should be a way to find that out without requiring Google or a forum help.

Martin Wildam (mwildam) wrote :

In the menu at Go-->Location there is the hotkey displayed. At least it is the same hotkey as in Firefox that makes it memorizable a bit better. But anyway I also didn't know about that hotkey in nautilus (and I am a hotkey-fanatic ;-) ). I think, most people are wishing both options - hotkey and having the button. I personally do not think that it produces so much clutter. The nautilus window menu and toolbar is already much cleaner than on Windows, so I (and I think most others too) don't see any really good reason for removing that button, right?

Martin Wildam (mwildam) wrote :

Even more: We need the additional GO button when the location bar is in text mode rather than in breadcrumb mode!

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

> The problem with Ctrl+L is that this is not ergonomic, because you cannot find out (apart by going to a forum or bug report like this one) by yourself.

it's a keybinding as any and written clearly next to the go menu entry which matches the action too...

Jelle De Loecker (skerit) wrote :

I just want the text-input. I never want to see those breadcrumb-buttons ever again. And I do not want to open gconftool.
Control+L doesn't stick, and always defaults back to the breadcrumbs.

I do believe removing the switch-button is a good idea, but it should be replaced with an option in the preferences dialog.

Martin Wildam (mwildam) wrote :

I would definitely NOT want to put that button away and have an option in the preferences dialog. Because BOTH is USEFUL - I mostly use the breadcrumb, but sometimes also the text-input.

The Fiddler (stapostol) wrote :

The issue with Ctrl-L is that *it is not a toggle*. Once you enter text mode, you cannot press Ctrl-L again to move back to button mode. Yes, this was a very useful feature: enter text mode to navigate to some distant path, then go back to buttons when you reach that. A common use case:

1. say you are in ~/Desktop and wish to go to /etc/apt. With buttons, this is 3 cilcks (go up to root) and 2 double clicks (etc and apt). With text mode, it's one click (toggle text mode) and 8 letters (/etc/apt).
2. once you reach /etc/apt, say you wish to navigate forward and backward in directories that are close togethere (say, under /etc). Button mode is superior here, because it acts as a visual, short-term history (it shows the last few locations you visited under your current path, which is very useful when e.g. copying files or looking for something specific).

This was yet another regular part of my daily workflow, now removed. Way to go, I guess.

Troll mode on: Alt-F4 closes the window, plus we have a menu entry for Close. Why triplicate the functionality with a close button? It's superfluous.
Troll mode off: in some cases, duplication is significantly more efficient. Removing the toggle button effectively removes any hint of this feature's existence from the majority of Gnome's user base.

Do note that Windows Vista/7 has a more efficient implementation of this very feature: the address bar doubles up as a button bar (default mode) and a text bar (when clicked on the left or right). No button, similar functionality. In fact, this was one of the major improvements over the older, text-only address bar on Windows XP.

Martin Wildam (mwildam) wrote :

In comparison with Vista/7 I prefer the way with the toggle button. And I think for the dummy user even easier to handle.

Philipp Gassmann (phiphi.g) wrote :

The problem with Ctrl+L is, that almost nobody knows it. I found it here. And I am almost angry, that some developers who think they know better remove such a every-day use feature. Sometimes i like to paste a url, and when i know where i want to go, your much faster in text mode than with searching the folder. And no, Ctrl+L is not an option, it's a shortcut for powerusers.

BTW you can leave the mode with Esc.

Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 2 with all updates to 15 April 2010.

Can someone please tell me how to type or paste in smb://server/share or ftp://remoteserver or anything else into the breadcrumbs?

Not having the option to toggle to text input/location bar and making it STICKY is stupid. I can CTRL-L or Go -> Location, then type or paste, but when I hit Enter it goes back to breadcrumb mode. Grrr...

Please put back the toggle button and make it sticky.


Eric Appleman (erappleman) wrote :

This such a terrible decision for an LTS.

I never use the breadcrumbs feature because it takes too long and is inflexible.

summary: - Toggle button for Nautilus location field gone
+ [FFe] Toggle button for Nautilus location field gone
Benjamin Drung (bdrung) wrote :

FFe = Feature Freeze exception

It means that you need a FFe for this bug. More information:

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

to request an exception you need a change to review, there doesn't seem to have one there...

> Sebastien Bacher: it's a keybinding as any and written clearly next to the go menu entry which matches the action too...

I couldn't find the keybind without searching the forums. It is indeed written in the Go menu but i never use it so i never noticed.
Now that i know Ctrl+L or just pressing / enable me to type in the location bar i will use it because its faster.

BUT, the problem here is, this is not something you can "guess" or "observe". Searching for 5 minutes is a lot of time to figure out something like this, and since just adding(or rather not_removing) a single un-intrusive button does the trick, its a no-brainer.

We need the button back!

DLCBurggraaff (burdi) wrote :

For those that did not find it yet: To get back from a text-based to a button-based location bar one only has to open a new tab (^T).

Changed in nautilus:
status: Unknown → New

I don't know why upstream developers remove the bottun witch toggle between the little "boxes" view, and the text view.
I think they chose remove it from reasonable discussion.
But I hope it back,so may I propose a patch?
This is "PoC patch".

tags: added: patch
Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Thank you for your work and interest there but lucid is frozen now and only important bug fixes will be consider, ui changes will not go in lucid now, we might revisit this issue next cycle though

Martin Wildam (mwildam) wrote :

It seems there is a frozen and not frozen status at the same time... -

kgeist (casteg) wrote :

I miss that too. I often work with the console and I have to copy pathes between the terminal and Nautilus quite much.

Right-click one of the breadcrumbs > Copy is supposed to be the solution, however, it doesn't correctly work with non-English characters, e.g. if I copy the path in such way, when I paste it to the console, for some reason I get "/home/xxx/%D0%9F%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B5%D0%BA%D1%82%D1%8B" (Terminal refuses to accept it) instead of "/home/xxx/Проекты". If I paste the same string to, for example, gedit - everything is fine.

And I don't like to press Ctrl+L all the time...

Philipp Gassmann (phiphi.g) wrote :

Now that it's too late to change it back, I thought over it and how it could be solved intuitively.

When you click on the right side of the buttons, it should switch to text mode, and back after leaving it. additionally it could set the cursor to the right position if you click on the space in between the buttons.

I created a video Mockup of it:

SubBASS (subbass) wrote :

I came looking for a solution to the missing toggle button also, and was less than happy to see that upstream yet again remove something many people use daily.

I did a little more digging and found something not mentioned yet, it does help a bit too.

If you start typing with a / the breadcrumbs will switch to the entry box. Start typing without the / and Nautilus behaves as before and moves to the folder/file starting with those letters etc.

Hope that helps people and we do get an "advanced" option to put back the sticky toggle button.

Martin Wildam (mwildam) wrote :

As far as I remember, a major reason for removing that button was to make the UI easier and simpler.

But why the hack then having the close button for the side pane?
It would be better to replace that one with the path/breadcrumb toggle button.

Because: Closing the side-pane with that button you anyway need to go to the menu or press F9 to bring it back again. So you have to memorize F9 to toggle side-pane anyway if you need that often. And let's face the facts: Displaying the side pane or not is a decision you take once and then keep it for all your nautilus windows (as in Windows you go to configure your folder views as you like and then keep your favorite settings - and of course hope that Windows is _really_ applying it to all windows ;-) ).

See screenshot.

I miss the toggle button :/. I have breadcrumbs disabled by default because of this, but i miss some of the usability they offer :/.

I also miss this functionality, as in my day-to-day work, I am very frequently copying file paths from Nautilus and pasting them into a terminal.

This change just causes me aggravation, and has severely slowed down my workflow. At times, I have now found myself using Dolphin because its quicker and easier to use to perform the regular tasks I need to perform.

If the change was considered necessary, then there should have been an option in Nautilus "Properties" to switch the button back on if that is what a user wants. Linux and FOSS is meant to be about choice and freedom, after all.

Telling users to use "Ctrl+L" is not a valid response to this problem. That is not a solution, it is a workaround for "power users". No regular users know about this shortcut. In fact, most experienced users won't know about this shortcut. I certainly didn't.

Keyboard shortcuts are there to provide power users who can remember shortcuts with a way to perform regular tasks quicker. They should NEVER be a complete replacement for GUI-based functionality. This breaks one of the biggest, most basic rules of GUI design.

Graham Inggs (ginggs) wrote :

Go to Help / About in Nautilus to bring up the Desktop User Guide then navigate to Working with Files / Browser Mode / Using the Location Bar, in the section that describes the Text Location Bar the following text is still there:

"To always use the text location bar, click on the toggle button at the left of the location bar."

SeanK (seank) wrote :

To Graham: The help must be out of date. The toggle button is gone now.

I too find this annoying, especially when copying and pasting paths which is the bulk of my usage for switching to the location bar. I prefer the easy to use buttons for normal usage.

I would suggest that instead of a "always use location" gconf setting (or in addition to it) that there also be a "replace location toggle button". That way, it won't clutter up the screen for those that don't care about it but will be there for those of us that do.

For those needing ways to get the location bar back, I've found two. Use Ctrl-L or you can also use your mouse to Go->Location. It's one extra step for the mouse but at least you don't have to remove your hand from the mouse to do it.

Nigel Babu (nigelbabu) wrote :

I spoke to the desktop team, this bug will get fixed only if upstream makes a change. The decision was made at upstream GNOME level. Please forward the patch upstream.

tags: added: patch-needswork
removed: patch
Alen (cshadow) wrote :

How to apply the patch?
I downloaded nautilus source, patched it, run .config and make and everything went ok. Tried starting built version without installing and there is no button? I checked both files in source and they are patched. Or it needs to be installed to work?

To Alen

I'm sorry my English ability is poor.

Nautius starts when you login.
And nautilus never start when old nautilus process exists.

Install build binary to "/usr/bin/nautilus", and Kill the running nautilus process.

$ pkill nautilus

Then,new nautilus start automatically (from /usr/bin/nautilus).

Alen (cshadow) wrote :

Thank you midspeclowload, your english is just fine.
I used checkinstall to build and install (just to be able to remove it later easily) and it worked fine after killing old nautilus. I noticed it is configured by default to install in /usr/local/bin/. Is it ok or should I have configured it into /usr/bin/?
Two more problems:
1. somehow installed version shows in package manager as 2.30.0-1 (instead of original 2.30.0-0ubuntu4) and now update manager
wants to update it. I used dpkg-source -x nautilus_2.30.0-0ubuntu4.dsc to extract and patch it, the correct version is not set automatically?
2. Some plugins don't work: nautilus-open-terminal, nautilus-sendto. There is no options in context menu anymore.

Sorry for a lot of questions, I'm not a packager and after reading ubuntu wiki guide my head started to hurt a bit :-)

John Beatty (jby601) wrote :

Another example of the developers thinking they know best (window buttons on the left etc.) Us poor users need a kindlier migration path to new 'features'. Not seeing the breadcrumb/location toggle button, I immediately tried the 'view' menu, then Edit>Preferences - no joy. Now I know about Ctrl+L, I'll use it, but I wish I didn't have to use gconf-editor to make it stick.

For me, this button is also very important, because I often need to copy address to the actibe path.

I'd like this button to be back in the next version.

Beetroot Dog (beetrootdog) wrote :

This is a really weird change. The breadcrumb doesn't expand to fill the entire width of the window, so there is hardly a lack of free horizontal space.

Also the behavior of the 2 current methods (Ctrl-L or "/") is flaky. If you type "/" then Esc then Ctrl-L, the behavior of Ctrl-L changes to match "/".

One other thing - why is "Location..." in the "Go" menu? Everything else in there actually takes you somewhere. I spent ages looking in Preferences and the View menu.

Oliver Joos (oliver-joos) wrote :

This change from a global Nautilus mode to a temporary text field is hard to adopt. But I start to like the new look and behavior! Although I'd expect Ctrl-L to *toggle*, namely to switch back to breadcrumb when pressed while entering a Location.

@Beetroot: the flaky behavior you mention surprises me too. We normally loose what we leave by pressing Esc. I think you should open a new bug report on this one!
For me the "Location..." entry is now well placed in the "Go" menu. In German this menu is called "Go to" and "Go to Location..." makes perfectly sense. Remember it is not in the Preferences or View menu because it is not a global Nautilus mode anymore. ;-)

Maha Basheikh (mahasmb) wrote :

PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE re-enable this feature!
It's a very powerful and very useful one. You've just taken one of the biggest features I've loved about Ubuntu since I picked it up more than 5 years ago.

I don't want either one as default. I want the button back so that I can toggle back and forth from text-based to breadcrumb. This is a feature I show off to people I help get started with Ubuntu.

This is a major setback for users. You shouldn't have to look up how to do this as I had to spend 10 minutes doing instead of it just being there.

AT THE VERY LEAST please GIVE US A CHOICE as to have the toggle button to either be visible or to not appear. Using Ubuntu Linux has always been about having GREATER CONTROL over my operating as opposed to Microsoft Windows which gives you way LESS OPTIONS AND FLEXIBILITY. Please undo this.

Oliver Joos (oliver-joos) wrote :

@Maha: What do you miss most? Do you use the text-based mode to copy a path to clipboard or to edit it?

Copying can be done by the context menu of each breadcrumb button! And to edit the path you must use the keyboard anyway, so pressing Ctrl+L first is not a big overhead. But I agree, the text-based mode is more hidden now, especially for newbies.

Jamie Paul (rjamie-paul) wrote :

This change hurts newbies also! What is the first thing we do when we teach a newbie how our file structure works? We draw the thing, then we show them how to construct a path (/home/me/Documents/ etc). With the text mode switched on, they can readily see the typed path and then they realize they too could just type it in if they wanted to. So, this serves to solidify they whole file structure in their minds. Then, clicking the switch to change to Button Paths, makes instant sense to them, because now they can easily just click any button in the path to drop back to a new position. It is at that point all the people I have trained to use Ubuntu Linux start using BOTH METHODS RIGHT FROM THE GET GO! They build on each other. And when the day comes they need a path to paste into something, they just automatically take the easy route and copy the TEXT PATH and paste it where they need it.

Trying to teach without a typed path illustration, takes longer for things to gel in the newbie's mind because he is forced to go from your own hand written printed path to buttons.....and guess what? That's a lie! The computer works with typed paths. The Newbie is going to have to relearn that concept later because we misled him.


Using the keyboard, if it actually worked right, is just another blame thing to remember. It's nice if its there, but I and all the people I have trained in linux NEVER USE THAT METHOD. Well, not until now that we are forced to because someone decided newbies don't understand SWITCHES. Duh? I think the developers are forgetting flexibility while getting far to far into micromanaging our lives. THEY DEFINITELY SHOT THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT ON THIS ONE. (But I am pretty happy with 10.04 otherwise. Although, this sticks out like a sore thumb.)

terryK9 (terry-kemmerer) wrote :

Please put the SWITCH between Buttons and Text back into Nautilus. Everybody uses it as they see fit, including newbies! It eliminates human error when copying and pasting the Text from Nautilus into other apps and on the commandline and greatly eases my day, as I use both modes, whichever applies best a fastest to what I am doing. And in teaching newbies about the file structure, the Text Mode is perfect, as it fits with what I have drawn on paper and the quick URL I created from my drawing. They can quickly see the computer works exactly as I have drawn it to work. This was a big set back for the Newbies as well.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Could people stop using a bug as an user forum for random complain, the change comes from GNOME and the interface will not change in lucid now that it's stable, being vocal and rude in comments will not get you closer of getting the change

Julian W (naboo-ws) wrote :

I think it can count as a bug, because it affects too many people in a negative way, which didn't happen before the change.
And I can't agree more with Hamish in post 28......grrr!

That is irritating!

I agree, to call this a "feature" is like calling a cancerous mole "progress"

This is clearly a bug - whether it's a bug caused by a programming error, or whether it's a bug cause by human error in the planning stage ("let's implement this new "feature" without giving users a convenient option to override"), it's clearly a failure on someone's part and needs to be fixed.

...that said, MANY MANY thanks to Sebastien Bacher for the gconf-editor workaround in post #2 !!!

This "bug" is yet another example of people over-reacting to every tiny little change in Free Software.

SubBASS (subbass) wrote :

I've remained out of the discussion since my initial post, however saying that its over reaction when a button that is actively used is then removed from the interface is not constructive.

People like myself used that button, a lot. Clearly you didn't use it, or are happy with way it works now. The remaining functionality is not the same though, it has become more awkward to do things like cut/paste locations. Generally this is not an improvement for a lot of people. Its a regression. Progress would be to make the change as it might be more suited to beginners but leave a preference option for the more advanced user. I accept that in usability testing problems may have been highlighted, but the new implementation isn't suitable either in my humble opinion.

Instead of worrying over a button, improvements *really* need to be seen in areas like opening a folder with a large number of files in, Nations can rise and fall in the time that operation takes.

I'm afraid the way to get things done in FOSS is not to behave like this. You should be helpful and not cause a lot of noise, and perhaps provide patches. Whining just makes the developers tune out the bug in question.

Andre (ajx) wrote :

I really like this new default in Nautilus. If I want to type an address manually, I just press Ctrl+L. People who want breadcrumbs as default just call 'gconf-editor' and change the value for 'always_use_location_entry' in /apps/nautilus/preferences/ (see comment #2). I think this change in Nautilus makes it even easier for people who are new to computers. As they get more advanced, they will discover Ctrl+L listed under "'Go", but the usual user will be happy with the breadcrumps. Just my two pennies worth.

Nandox7 (nandox7) wrote :

Well I was a bit annoyed with this as well until I found the "CTRL+l".
Still the process is not consistent.

If you notice in the file browser popup there is still the icon to open the location bar.
That actually even behaves in a much more odd way, instead of converting the breadcrumbs to address bar it
actually creates a location bar under the breadcrumbs.

Honestly I'd rather have there a ugly icon than no icon at all.

DLCBurggraaff (burdi) wrote :

@Nandox7: What file browser popup are you referring to?

Daniel (hackie) wrote :

gedit -> File -> Open.. - then you can see the file browser popup

Nandox7 (nandox7) wrote :

@DLCBurggraaff: My apologies, it's the icon browser not the file browser.
I was referring to the process when we go and change the icon for a file/folder.

Better explained with an example:

[Location bar hidden]

[Location bar exposed]

vlav (vvalsky) wrote :

For me, toggle button is better then two panels.

computer_freak_8 (j8t8b) wrote :

I have found a suitable work-around for my needs; I was one of the many frustrated by this change, and yet another reason I feel that Ubuntu's overall progress is decreasing.

I take no credit for figuring this out, but the post that helped me is here:

I followed the instructions for adding the PPA, and then clicked "Edit", "Customize toolbars...". I have configured mine as depicted here:

That configuration yielded this layout:

I hope this works for others, too.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

note that nautilus elementary is a different software and it will have other bugs and once installed it will remove the official ubuntu version of nautilus which means you will stop receiving updates and fixes for security issues and other bugs for it

ISA (therealisa) wrote :

Well, just to gather some votes...

I also would like to have the nice toggle button back. Even if I work for 75% of the time with the text edit I am missing the fast back-and-forth jump capabilities I had with the buttons. The static gconf-setting is not the optimal solution.

And... a single button does not that much space of the interface I think...

It's a shame removing this little handy button!

tellapu (tellapu) wrote :

Please return this small, but great button, I used so often in the past. THANKS.

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gluxon (gluxon) wrote :

I believe this bug should be marked as fix. The toggle is available in the "Customize Toolbars" window under the name "Edit Location", and users who wish to revert to the old functionality can just add it next to the Location Bar.

Graham Inggs (ginggs) wrote :

@gluxon: Where does one find the "Customize Toolbars" window?

Nandox7 (nandox7) wrote :

@Graham, right-click on the toolbar area. You can later add the "Edit location" icon.

Oliver Joos (oliver-joos) wrote :

@Nandox7: do you use a pre-release of Nautilus 2.9x or 3.0? In my Nautilus 2.30 and 2.32 right-clicking the toolbar does nothing.

On Mon, May 30, 2011 at 16:52, Oliver Joos <email address hidden> wrote:
> @Nandox7: do you use a pre-release of Nautilus 2.9x or 3.0? In my
> Nautilus 2.30 and 2.32 right-clicking the toolbar does nothing.

I have v2.32.2.1 (Natty Narwhal) and I can't find any way to customize.
Martin Wildam

I apologize, the "Customize Toolbars" was a feature only in Nautilus Elementary.

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Isny (isny) wrote :

My Nautilus is stuck where I have a location bar (i've unchecked always_use_location_entry), and I can never get the breadcrumbs back, no matter what I hit. I'm using Nautilus 3.2.

Alex Lourie (alourie) wrote :

Is this issue still relevant after Gnome3 with new nautilus was released?

I do not think so.

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On Oct 26, 2011 10:17 PM, "Alex Lourie" <email address hidden> wrote:

Is this issue still relevant after Gnome3 with new nautilus was

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Still not working for me today, so it's relevant to at least one user.

Oliver Joos (oliver-joos) wrote :

Me too I still don't agree that the saved space of this button was worth removing it. New users often complain about not being able to edit the path. They never find Ctrl+L themselves. But I do agree that there might be a better gui element than a button with a pencil on it.

Since Unity is "now something completely different"(tm), I think we should continue this discussion upstream on

Isny (isny) wrote :

Control-L doesn't work for me either. Obviously, there is either something wrong with the code, or there is a hidden setting buried somewhere that is still set. FYI, I did have always_use_location_entry in the past, probably when I was on Gnome 2.0.

Oliver Joos (oliver-joos) wrote :

I guess when always_use_location_entry is true then Control+L won't work (always means always).

I don't use Gnome 3 yet. This bug is more about a removed button in Gnome 2. If you think Control+L does not work as expected there, then please open a new bug to keep Gnome as good as it is!

Open it here by executing "ubuntu-bug nautilus" in a Terminal,
or directly on Gnome:

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Upstream wontfixed the request, doing the same here

summary: - [FFe] Toggle button for Nautilus location field gone
+ Toggle button for Nautilus location field gone
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