Comment 15 for bug 453072

I disagree with Michał Gołębiowski... i know the way around with the terminal, but to say that the terminal is more convenient "a priori" is simply wrong:

if we already have a place to manage the eject/umount of the devices, with the users (all users, even advanced ones) accustomated to reach there to perform the desired operation, it's unconvenient to force them to think:

"oh, right... i want to umount the device i'm seeing here in nautilus, but here i can only eject it... if i want to umount i have to open (if it's not already opened) a terminal and tab the way all to the mountpoint"

however i agree with the idea of presenting users with as few options as possibile, and if there isn't a better solution i guess that removing it altogether is better than what we have now...

maybe (since umount is typically used to repartition/format a volume) it would be good if palimpsest supported partitioning or if gparted made more visible their umount command (right now is in the context menu)