Comment 5 for bug 364328

Aldo Latino (aldolat) wrote :

None issue in guest session.

I made this steps (I hope useful to identify the origin of the issue):
1. in this moment the issue is not present on my usual user, as explained in the first post [1]
2. logged out and re-logged in: the issue comes back again
3. from my users, entered in guest session
4. created a folder onto the desktop
5. created a file (a folder would be the same) inside that folder
6. moved that file correctly to the desktop, as expected
7. exit from guest session
8. re-logged into my usual user
9. the issue is still there.

[1] "Now, I found that if I open a folder in browsing mode and close it immediately, now the strange behaviour disappears. Now I can move files and folders as expected."