Comment 11 for bug 30867

It really looks stupid that my old Breezy partition in /media/ubuntu/breezy shows up as "/" !!!

Today I had my very first confusing experience with this: I wanted to search for a file that is on my root filesystem in Dapper (mounted as / ). Well, I just went to Places > Search for Files... chose "/" as the directory to search and after hitting "Find" no results were returned....

Until I realised that "/" was searching on /media/ubuntu/breezy. In order to search within the Filesystem root, I had to choose "Filesystem" form the list! I know that is the usual behaviour, but it can be a bit confusing when device names show up as "/". So what happens if I've got a Breezy (/media/ubuntu/breezy) and a Hoary (/media/ubuntu/hoary) installation on different partitions? Will they both show up as "/" on the desktop and in nautilus?