Comment 4 for bug 190366

Think it comes down to how ugly we want that specific piece of code to be and it's pretty ugly now. Once we start querying for hardware device names and such in there it's only going to get even uglier, as we'll have to start dealing with lots of special cases on top of what it does now. I believe the HAL key that returns a name like "Corsair USB Memory" is info.product on the relevant volume, however, this is even more ugly for internally mounted drives (with the key giving us something like "Volume"; imagine instead of having a bunch of links to "Volume" instead of "500.1GB Media", you'd be playing Roulette every time you needed a file, not that this isn't the case now if you've got lots of like-sized drives).

I wouldn't be totally against it checking to see if we could get a better name from the info.product key, but in all likelihood it's not going to be very helpful as the USB key companies like to set the volume labels on their devices (though you're out of luck if you've reformatted it), and you'd still need to guard against displaying e.g "Volume" which is worse than "500.1GB Media". It would also be nice if Nautilus exposed some way of modifying the volume label, but there are way more important things on the schedule right now to be fixed, so this is probably an Ibex goal. It would also be a rather complicated and nasty fix, and would require lots of utilities that don't ship with the regular install (as seen on the Renaming page above), being a super-user, and unmounting the volume, or faking it via a .autorun/.desktop file (my preferred way, as you could give the volume an icon and decide whether or not the mount should be shown by Nautilus, etc), or something else I can't think of.