Comment 6 for bug 1640541

Marius Gedminas (mgedmin) wrote :

Tried this again on Ubuntu 18.10, and I'm happy to report that almost everything works fine!

- "Other locations" in Nautilus shows my Samba server (after a couple of seconds)
- I can click on it, get an authentication dialog, then see the shares
- I can click on a share and see the files
- I can click on a file and discover that Totem is still hilariously broken on Wayland (that's a separate bug)

However some things are still broken:

- "Other locations" in Nautilus shows a "Windows network"
- I can click it and couple of seconds later I get an error dialog saying "Could not access location" (title): "Couldn't get a list of shares from server: No such file or directory" (translating from lt_LT again).

gio ls network:/// prints a usage message.

gio list network:/// shows


(VARLIUS2 is the name of my Samba server)

gio list smb:/// says

    gio: smb:///: Location is not a mountpoint

(I'm translating back from lt_LT because no amount of LC_ALL=C LANGUAGE=en is giving me English error messages, at best I get ?s instead of UTF-8 characters.)