Comment 105 for bug 12893

André Pirard (a.pirard) wrote :

Тhere is on the other hand a high number of discussions of guys now trying to make a volume trash.

The solution looks very simple to me.
Instead of automatically creating .Trash-nnnn directories with possible permission problems to do so,
make it a partition formatting user option to "create a trash" (term he understands) and then create
drwxrwxrwt root root .Trash
Note the sticky bit t.
If .Trash exists when deleting a file, a nnnn trash subdirectory is created without permission problem.

It might be easier to see a per volume trash than display by list sorted by original location.
Ejecting the volume may indeed offer to empty the trash, but only of the ejected volume.
It's even recommended if the volume is liable to be mounted on another system with different uids.
Trash creation/removal may of course occur after formatting as a Nautilus function.

I notice that the Trash applet does not see the volume trash of the boot partition when its /home is a symbolic link to the mount point of a volume.