Comment 103 for bug 12893

What people seems to not understand it's that it's counter-intuitive to pretend that a user must be aware of the destination of it's removed files and moreover that it doesn't free its key space as expected.

When you delete files, there are two reasons: the file is useless + you don't have enough storage. This is particulary true on removable storage which have fewer space than HDD.

So, no, getting a trash on the key is not a solution, and asking for user to empty their unknown trash neither.

We need to start from the real need of a trash. It is for give the user the ability to undo its deletion. Do this undo must really last when the key is removed? Perhaps it depends on the size of the removable storage: a removable HDD is more expected to have a trash than a small flash key.

The only problem in fact from the start of this bugreport is that we don't even have the choice to have or not to have a trash folder on our media. This choice has been made a day and keep plagging everyday use of number of users without any settings to prevent this behavior (system wide or media specific setting).