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Bug #1057780 reported by Robert Ancell on 2012-09-27
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nautilus (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Major changes in 3.6.0 are:
* Fix toggling of hidden files visibility in searches
* Fix base directory appearing in search results
* Fix missing search results under some locales
* Fix unmounted mounts showing in shell search provider results
* Fix a crasher when a window is closed while the view is loading

Major changes in 3.5.92 are:
* Add a Shell search results provider
* Add a NautilusDirectory-based search engine implementation for network
* Improve performance and stability of the search engine
* Change the Type column to only show basic type information
* Preserve view selection when exiting search
* Use a symbolic icon for the location entry
* Fix wrong order of files when searching in canvas view
* Fix inability to drop on current directory in list view
* Fix crash when trying to undo failed directory creations
* Fix positioning of detached tabs
* Fix symlink creation for remote shares
* Fix duplicate entries in the sidebar
* Fix inability to clear entry in Connect to Server dialog
* Fix view selector flashing while switching views
* Plug a number of memory leaks
* Tweak the color scheme for the pie chart in mount properties
* Remove the SELinux context column for list view

Major changes in 3.5.91 are:
* New design for the Connect to Server dialog
* Add the possibility to detach tabs using drag and drop
* Add paste and location properties actions to the gear menu
* Use symbolic icons in the sidebar for drives and mounts
* Follow 12h/24h GSettings preference for view date display
* Cleanup icon view caption strings
* Fix wrong zoom level restored at startup
* Fix unparented mount/eject error dialogs
* Fix drag and drop for unwritable locations
* Fix stray templates bar when no templates directory is defined
* Fix Open With menu showing for apps that don't support URIs and files
* Fix item count not updating in realtime for directories in Properties
* Fix missing keybindings for Back/Forward/Up/Go Home
* Fix missing history context menu on navigation buttons
* Fix missing Create Link context action
* Fix missing frame around custom icons
* Fix broken behavior with multiline filenames
* Plug a number of memory leaks
* Remove context menu on blank list view space

Major changes in 3.5.90 are:
* Reorganize application and gear menu, and add a menu for view actions
* Add a View options selector to the toolbar
* Add cluebars for Templates and Scripts special directories
* Add ability to reorder bookmarks
* Improve strings in the Autorun prompt
* Improve error message strings
* Improve the image Properties page
* Improve the Permissions page in the Properties window
* Improve the layout of the Bookmarks dialog
* Use the dropped text paragraph as name when creating new files
  using DnD of text snippets
* Use double quotes instead of ASCII quotes for filenames
* Change default action for executable text files to Display
* Change the view mode and zoom level to be per-window instead of per-folder
* Remove support for Manual layouting in icon views outside of Desktop
* Remove the Octal permissions list view column
* Fix segfault when no search results are found

Major changes in 3.5.5 are:
* Combine results from both search providers
* Use a ranking algorithm for search results
* Preselect first search result
* Add a keybinding for the gear menu
* Improve styling for the search query editor
* Fix Ctrl+V not working correctly
* Fix previewers not being activated correctly
* Fix search not to trigger on the desktop window
* Fix pathbar scroll button styling bugs

Major changes in 3.5.4 are:
* Add Copy To and Move To actions
* Add a notification while ejecting volumes
* List view:
  - New date format display
  - Use a list model instead of a tree model for list view
  - Use a better default column order
  - Change some list column names
  - Use 32px icons by default
  - Tweak padding
* Search:
  - "Just type" search
  - Combine the search bar and the query editor
  - Tracker engine performance improvements and fixes
* Sidebar:
  - Add a recent files place
  - Use symbolic icons
  - Improve order of the items
* Toolbar:
  - Change toolbar layout to the GNOME 3 style
  - Don't show titlebar when maximized
  - Use a linked style for the pathbar
* Menus:
  - Migrate the menubar to a gear menu
  - Remove "Go" menu
  - Remove "Bookmarks" menu
* Remove "Text beside icons" option for icon view
* Fix loading string not disappearing in image properties on load

Major changes in 3.5.3 are:
* Fix accessibility implementation of rename entries and icon view
* Fix DnD not working on sidebar bookmarks
* Fix thumbnails failing to display in icon view
* Fix crasher after ejecting a volume from the sidebar
* Fix crasher on gtk-shell-shows-app-menu GtkSetting change
* Fix possible crasher when cancelling a rename operation
* Use GtkSearchEntry

Major changes in 3.5.2 are:
* Add a way to create a new directory for selection
* Don't pack multiple x-content bars in the view
* Show icons x-content bar application launchers
* Hide New Document menu when no templates are installed
* Remove statusbar
* Remove "Go->Computer"
* Remove compact view
* Remove extra panes and tree sidebar
* Fix pathbar buttons disappearing for too long titles
* Fix sidebar typeahead find being triggered
* Fix image properties label not wrapping for long width
* Don't trigger context menu for sidebar headings
* Don't show old 'note' emblems
* Reintroduce GTK accel map loading/saving and migrate it to XDG dirs
* Remove markup from GtkBuilder strings

Major changes in 3.5.1 are:
* Add an application menu
* Don't show sliders up to the file system root in the pathbar
* Add support for AFP shares in the Connect to Server dialog
* Don't remove selection when clicking on a row out of name boundaries
* Fix a wrapping issue with numeric strings in some circumstances
* Fix rename field selection color for backdrop state
* Don't select all icons on Ctrl+A when the search entry is focused
* Remove desktop-is-home-dir GSetting
* Remove custom accel map loading/saving
* Use new XDG location for GTK bookmarks file

Robert Ancell (robert-ancell) wrote :

Due to the number of changes this is not in quantal. It is available in the GNOME3 PPA.

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) wrote :

This bug was fixed in the package nautilus - 1:3.6.1-0ubuntu1

nautilus (1:3.6.1-0ubuntu1) raring; urgency=low

  [ Jeremy Bicha ]
  * New upstream release (LP: #1057780).
  * Dropped git patches
  * debian/control.in:
    - Bump minimum GTK & GLib
  * debian/nautilus.install, nautilus-data.install:
    - Install GNOME Shell search provider
    - Drop obsolete hicolor icons
  * debian/patches/05_desktop_menu_export.patch:
    - commented, it needs to be mostly rewriten for the new design
      or implemented in a different place or way
  * Refreshed patches:
    - 03_translations_list_update.patch
    - 12_unity_launcher_support.patch
    - 14_bring_del_instead_ctrl_del.patch
    - 15_use-ubuntu-help.patch

  [ Dmitry Shachnev ]
  * Drop 21_correct_timestamp_use_fix_focus_issue.patch, it's not needed
    with the new version and is causing segmentation faults.
 -- Jeremy Bicha <email address hidden> Sun, 28 Oct 2012 20:07:08 -0400

Changed in nautilus (Ubuntu):
status: Triaged → Fix Released
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