Comment 8 for bug 869131


I confirm this bug.
I'm not a specialist but it seems it's a bug in libgconf (it's what gdb's stacktrace says) and I guess this function is not "threat safe" because it seems nautilus crashes at random but it's always due to this same function: 'gconf_client_get'

This is the backtrace produced by gdb:
    #0 0x00007fffe65298be in gconf_client_get () from /usr/lib/
    No symbol table info available.
    #1 0x00007fffe6529db0 in gconf_client_get_bool ()
       from /usr/lib/
    No symbol table info available.

Nautilus-open-terminal uses this function a lot of time: 'gconf_client_get_bool'. I guess it's maybe better to call this function at the init and to use a 'gconf-listener' after in order to know if this function has changed.

In conclusion, the crash is due to this libgconf but I think nautilus-open-terminal doesn't use this library correctly.
I've joined a debdiff just to fix the bug and minimise the changes (this is a workaround) but I think it will be nice to fix this bug in libgconf and to modify nautilus-open-terminal in order to use gconf-listeners or something else.