Comment 0 for bug 849361

In order to fix bug #836601, the package got rebuilt so as to put the extension in the "correct" Gnome3 nautilus extension folder:
Now the package is placing the extension in that folder, however the right-click menu is not displayed after restarting the session.

According to python-nautilus' /usr/share/doc/python-nautilus/README in Oneiric:

As of nautilus-python 0.7.0, scripts are also loaded from $XDG_DATA_DIR/nautilus-python/extensions, which includes ~/.local/share and /usr/share (or whatever your $XDG_DATA_DIR is set to).

I also saw an example here [0] that changed the path where the extension is set to /usr/share/nautilus-python/extensions
The last comment here [1] also mentions the use of this new folder.

I need to investigate how the Python Nautilus extensions are supposed to work with Gnome3/nautilus-python 1.0...
In order to test, I also installed nautilus-pastebin, and that program's extension also failed to show. There seems to be a generalized problem with Python Nautilus extensions starting with Ubuntu 11.10...