Comment 27 for bug 1016559

As an edit to my comment above, here is a complete, newbie guide to getting it up and running.

First, install both the daemon and nautilus integration package from

Install the .deb file and don't start it just yet. Then, use the command below to install the daemon. The commands are:

  32 bit install -- cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -
  64 bit install -- cd ~ && wget -O - "" | tar xzf -

Then, go to your start-up applications, and make two new ones. The first name "Dropbox" and the command for that would be "dropbox start -i" and then the other one name "Dropbox Sync" or "Dropbox Daemon" (you can name either whatever you like, really). On the Dropbox Daemon one, the command will be "~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd" and you can put a description in for either, but I just left them blank since I used descriptive titles.

Restart, and you should get a nice little icon in the system tray up by the time, and it should begin syncing your files to a new Dropbox folder in your home directory. Also note: it may ask you to authenticate when it starts. This happened to me, so you might get it as well. If you wish to manually start Dropbox, say, without restarting, simply open up two terminal windows and use the two commands above. However, if you run it from start up you do not have to keep the terminal windows open.

Hope I helped, and if I need to change something on this guide, feel free to fix it yourself or make it clear that I did something wrong.