Comment 74 for bug 1273484

(In reply to Andreas Ericsson from comment #71)
> (In reply to Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo from comment #70)
> > (In reply to Sam Kottler from comment #68)
> > > > I don't see why it should be different this time.
> > >
> > > Because that requires everyone moving to a specific project. Overall, I'm
> > > fine with letting users choose if they want to keep using the Nagios
> > > Enterprises version.
> >
> > What I meant is what is going to happen when a user runs 'yum update'?
> > Assuming there are now new packages for both monitoring-plugins and
> > nagios-core-plugins.
> >
> As per Sam's comments above, "yum update" (and "yum upgrade") will get the
> monitoring-plugins package, since that one is guaranteed to be compatible
> and is trusted to work as well as or better than the code currently shipped
> in the package named 'nagios-plugins'.
> > I don't recall I've ever seen yum asked me to choose which upgrade path I
> > want to take.
> The packagers make that decision based on discussions like this. Normally,
> trust is about people and not about who owns what trademark or controls
> which DNS. If you want to change so you use the package from another team

Well put.

> you have to make an informed decision to do so. That makes sense, since
> you're in effect saying "I want to start trusting these people now", while a
> package upgrade that happens from "nagios-plugins" to "monitoring-plugins"
> has no change in who you trust.
> I'm confident that's why Sam seems to have decided that the
> monitoring-plugins RPM will be the next upgrade to the nagios-plugins RPM.
> Assuming I've understood his sentiment from his comments, at least.

That's right. I'd like monitoring-plugins to have a provides for nagios-plugins. nagios-core-plugins will just be its own entity and anyone who chooses to still rely on it can do so.