Comment 65 for bug 1273484

As a user of the nagios-plugins package, the behaviour I expect to see is that nagios-enterprises-plugins (or whatever the new maintainer wants to call it) and monitoring-plugins will be created to handle the respective upstream source -- and that nagios-plugins becomes a meta-package to maintain compatibility and avoid breaking tools/scripts users might be using with their current systems.

To me, it seems obvious that the nagios-plugins should point to monitor-plugins. Since the code for each project started out a 1:1 copy, the *only* thing that both matters, and separates the two projects is the developers. Luckily, that makes it easy, since *all* the developers appear to be working on monitor-plugins, it's clear, to me, at least, that nagios-plugins is a fork -- and making a bad faith effort to deliberately confuse the user base.

I have no horse in this race, other than being a user -- and as a user, I expect that given the option, nagios-plugins points to the original project, regardless of their new name, in order to prevent confusion.