Comment 36 for bug 1273484

If the package being renamed; it should be considered -- whether the new naming convention being selected is specific enough, to avoid confusion with monitoring plugin packages that may be for use with other unrelated software.

From a usability standpoint... the package name "monitoring-plugins" seems a highly generic, and therefore: not a very useful package name -- since it doesn't express the nature of the plugins package.

While the Nagios plugins project seems to have a very long history of using the name: I suggest renaming without eliminating the 'nagios-' prefix, to indicate the plugins are for use to accompany or extend nagios.

Otherwise... it is like renaming the bash package to "shell"; or renaming the GCC C++ package to just "compiler", as if to say the package is now "The canonical Compiler package... or canonical monitoring plugins package, for a Fedora system".

"nagios-plugins" was adequately describing which package the extra plugins go with.