Comment 31 for bug 1273484

Agreeing with Michael.

As a user of the package identified by the string "nagios-plugins" I consider that string to represent a connection to a team of people who have demonstrated their ability to maintain an opensource project; not a relationship to the owner of a brand that happens to partially match although sometimes that happens to be the same thing.

If a new team of people found a technical security hole that allowed them to subvert the Provides: of a well known package I think that would be a serious bug. This seems to be a social/legal 'hole' that could result in the same effect although of course it's being managed here.

Reading around the subject and mainly being influenced by comment #17 I personally
would be happy with the original patch and with nagios-plugins being replaced by monitoring-plugins due to brand-driven renaming and would expect nagios-enterprise-plugins to have to follow the route of any new package for inclusion in the distribution.