Comment 14 for bug 1273484


(In reply to Andy Brist from comment #10)
> Further evidence of the fork can be found on the git repos for the
> monitoring-plugins site:

All this fuzz is caused about the trademark of 'Nagios'. So the owner of this trademark has control over who is able to use the name 'Nagios Plugins'. As you can see in you diff:

"This means that decisions about the web site and the development of code related to the project are handled independently by the team."

The trademark holder has control over the name, while all other decisions and code changes where independently taken by the team members (none of the actual ones is in any relation to the trademark holder).

> My apologies for any disruption this has caused. It is my opinion that no
> action needs to be taken at the moment. When a new release from either
> project is ready, they should end up in their respective packages:
> nagios-plugins should remain nagios-plugins, while monitoring-plugins should
> be packaged under a different name (monitoring-plugins perhaps?).

This maybe one way. As the origin team swapped the name, due obvious reasons and the trademark holder forked from this project, some may argue that just the origin project changed his name and a new one started under the old project name.
Under the code (and upstream maintainers) point of view monitoring-plugins has the same code and developer base as nagios-plugins was until 2014-15-01.