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desconocidohu (interest-deactivatedaccount) wrote : Re: rotate, move and zoom slow

- Open MyPaint
- draw something (for reference)
- rotate with Ctrl+Space hotkey (very slow)
- After rotating the zoom and move slows.
- If I reset the image position (rotate, move, zoom), the move is normal again.

The image is little (I don't Know... 600x400 +or-) but if I do this in fullscreen mode is slower than in windows view.

SLow: Very, very slow. For rotate my paint in a windows (600x400) the system need one or 2 seconds, in fulscreen mode this could be 4 o 6 seconds. In fullscreen the full system slows when I do this, normally i need reset xserver or kill the "python2.6" process because the windows don't response.

Sorry for my english.