My paint error at startup Ubuntu 12.04

Bug #1262366 reported by Erdem on 2013-12-18
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mypaint (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Hello. When I start up My paint it gives a programming error like this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/share/mypaint/gui/", line 331, input_devices_combo_changed_cb(self=<Window object at 0x971c784 (GtkDialog at 0x95660d0)>, widget=<gtk.ComboBox object at 0x971cdec (GtkComboBox at 0x9569db8)>)
  ['input.device_mode'] = mode
  variables: {'': ('local', <bound method Application.apply_settings of <gui.application.Application instance at 0x90c6ecc>>)}
  File "/usr/share/mypaint/gui/", line 169, apply_settings(self=<gui.application.Application instance>)
            prefs_win = self.layout_manager.get_widget_by_role('preferencesWindow')
  variables: {'self.update_input_devices': ('local', <bound method Application.update_input_devices of <gui.application.Application instance at 0x90c6ecc>>)}
  File "/usr/share/mypaint/gui/", line 379, update_input_devices(self=<gui.application.Application instance>)
                        modesetting = self.preferences['input.device_mode']
                        mode = getattr(gdk, 'MODE_' + modesetting.upper())
                        if device.mode != mode:
  variables: {'getattr': ('builtin', <built-in function getattr>), 'gdk': ('global', <module 'gtk.gdk' (built-in)>), 'modesetting.upper': ('local', <built-in method upper of str object at 0x970fd00>), 'mode': (None, [])}
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'MODE_DiSABLED'

$ lsb_release -rd
Description: Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS
Release: 12.04

$ apt-cache policy mypaint
  Installed 1.0.0-1

Martin Renold (martinxyz) wrote :

Huh? According to that error message, modesetting.upper() returned 'MODE_DiSABLED'. with lowercase 'i'. No idea how this is possible.

Anyway, try to remove the file "settings.json" in the folder ~/.mypaint/. Also, MyPaint is no fun with pressure disabled. Try enabling it again in the preferences ;-)

Andrew Chadwick (achadwick) wrote :

Could it be a Turkish language internationalization issue? The case mapping is different, and maybe the setting is a Unicode string after it's loaded.

But if that were the case, I'd be expecting the error message to be saying

  AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'MODE_DİSABLED'

so this is pretty odd. Erdem: can you confirm that the "MODE_DiSABLED" in your report really does use a lower-case dotted i?

Erdem (farukerdemoncel) wrote :

Sure it is lower case.

I also suspect this might be a localization issue. Because in Turkish the lower case of I is ı and the lower case of İ is i.

Also it works fine when I start the program using the command line like this.

$ LC_ALL=C mypaint

I haven't tried with a tablet yet. But it seems removing "settings.json" in ~/mypaint folder seems to solve this problem.

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