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Bug #1782629: mutter is ignoring wl_shell_surface_move and wl_shell_surface_resize Undecided New 98 weeks

From: Christian Rauch
Link: wl_shell_fix.patch


Bug #1244090: Pressing any global keyboard shortcut causes temporary loss of focus Undecided Confirmed 107 weeks

From: Hackintosh Five

AMD64 .deb included, with .patch file

Bug #1718238: Giant terminal icon is blocking out the Terminal window buttons Medium Triaged 121 weeks
Bug #1698287: VA-API fails to initialize in a Gnome Shell Wayland session Low Triaged 147 weeks

From: Daniel van Vugt
Link: gst-plugins-bad1.0_1.12.2-1ubuntu2-small.debdiff


Bug #998735: Light blue screen on primary monitor when waking up from inactivity Undecided Confirmed 366 weeks

From: Margarita Manterola
Link: 05_fix_blue_screen.patch

Patch fixing blue screen bug for mutter

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