Comment 15 for bug 274421

@kenan, don't hesitate to fill report for the bugs you're experiencing. I've seen a few about the dell Inspiron 6400 and X1300 so start by searching if you're issue is already known or not, and if you don't find a report then fill a new one. We can easily mark it as duplicate if it's a known issue.

If you're looking for more general support from the community you can start by reading
If you want to help, you're are very welcome, and might be a good starting point.

Now regarding our bug here, it's clear that it's due to wrong proxy settings ( port set but not host and proxy settings activated ) It appears that port 8080 and no host is the default configuration but proxy is also disabled by default so it shouldn't hurt.

For those of you who are facing this issue, at first sight, the easiest thing to do is to either disable proxy or complete the host and port parameters in the proxy configuration tool.

To do this select the menu "System -> Preferences -> Network Proxy" and choose one of the following option
- Select "Direct Internet Connection"
- Select "Manual Proxy Configuration" and fill the boxes with the correct settings
- Click on the "Close" button.

I hope this helps.