Does not support uid's and gid's above 65535 on x86-64

Bug #1517214 reported by Paul Kilgo
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mpm-itk (Ubuntu)

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I am having a problem where in my AssignUserID <Location> blocks mpm-itk will fail with an internal server error. This shows up in the log:

(itkmpm: pid=29765 uid=33, gid=33) itk_post_perdir_config(): setgid(120208): Operation not permitted

I downloaded the source code and noticed I could compile it without HAVE_LIBCAP and the error goes away. I figured this meant there was something wrong with mpm-itk's use of capabilities. In itk_pre_drop_privileges() of mpm_itk.c a comment seems to think that the CAP_SETUID and CAP_SETGID has been set previously.

I modified the code mostly through trial and error since I'm not that familiar with capabilities to come up with the patch below. This explicitly gives the process CAP_SETUID and CAP_SETGID in itk_pre_drop_privileges(). I am not sure if something else is supposed to be setting process capabilities (or I need to do that in the Apache configuration) but this seems to work.

This is mpm-itk 2.4.6-01 on Ubuntu 14.04.

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Paul Kilgo (paulkilgo) wrote :
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Juerg Walz (gw42) wrote :

This is actually caused by a hard-coded restriction in seccomp.c . The numeric UIDs/GIDs are limited to < 65535 - I don't know why.

The attached patch removes this restriction.

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Paul Kilgo (paulkilgo)
summary: - failed call to setgid causes 500 internal server error
+ Does not support uid's and gid's above 65535 on x86-64
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Paul Kilgo (paulkilgo) wrote :

Juerg is right. I actually took this problem to upstream's mailing list:

Juerg's patch seems to unconditionally cap gid's and uid's to UINT_MAX, which I think is 65535 on all platforms. I am not sure how that's different from current behavior, though maybe I missed something.

Regardless, I think the limits need to be set differently on different architectures to keep the 32-bit compatibility around. At least I think that's upstream's intent.

I posted a patch which fixes the problem for me to that mailing list. No one has looked it over yet. I don't have a 32-bit system handy to test but the patch is pretty simple. I don't think upstream needs the patch because, by my inspection of the latest source code, they have already fixed the problem.

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