Comment 7 for bug 974125

sudodus (nio-wiklund) wrote :

This bug or something similar is still preventing me from using mplayer2 in lubuntu 12.04
The output of the computer has changed since yesterday (when it was a one-liner in my local language, Swedish), now it is (when called from a terminal window)

lubuntu@lubuntu:/media/data/Video/test/sjuan/ffx264$ mplayer 00007_540-50p.mp4
MPlayer2 UNKNOWN (C) 2000-2011 MPlayer Team
mplayer: could not connect to socket
mplayer: No such file or directory
Failed to open LIRC support. You will not be able to use your remote control.

Playing 00007_540-50p.mp4.
Detected file format: QuickTime/MPEG-4/Motion JPEG 2000 format (libavformat)
[lavf] stream 0: video (h264), -vid 0
[lavf] stream 1: audio (aac), -aid 0, -alang und
VIDEO: [H264] 960x540 24bpp 50.000 fps 2038.9 kbps (248.9 kbyte/s)
Clip info:
 major_brand: isom
 minor_version: 512
 compatible_brands: isomiso2avc1mp41
 creation_time: 1970-01-01 00:00:00
 encoder: Lavf52.64.2
Load subtitles in .

MPlayer interrupted by signal 4 in module: read_subtitles_file
- MPlayer crashed by an 'Illegal Instruction'.
  It usually happens when you run it on a CPU different than the one it was
  compiled/optimized for.
  Verify this!
- MPlayer crashed by bad usage of CPU/FPU/RAM.
  Recompile MPlayer with --enable-debug and make a 'gdb' backtrace and
  disassembly. Details in DOCS/HTML/en/bugreports_what.html#bugreports_crash.
- MPlayer crashed. This shouldn't happen.
  It can be a bug in the MPlayer code _or_ in your drivers _or_ in your
  gcc version. If you think it's MPlayer's fault, please read
  DOCS/HTML/en/bugreports.html and follow the instructions there. We can't and
  won't help unless you provide this information when reporting a possible bug.