Comment 6 for bug 527666

I'm setting this from Incomplete to Confirmed. The reason is
1) what Deven said below (the instructions are somewhat not applyable to lucid)
2) We have at least two people hitting the very same problem (one of them is my person and the other one is amitk (check

The way to reproduce:
1. create a VG
2. create a LV on the VG
3. Mount the LV via fstab and reboot your server (it happened on ubuntu lucid server flavour)
4. wait and see

This is a regression from karmic and should be fixed before release.

@bug triaging team: please set the correct "regression" tag (as I don't know the correct workflow)

I wonder if we should move this bug from lvm2 to initramfs, because lvm2 in general does work as a's only the boot up area.