Comment 14 for bug 435027

David Gibson (dwg) wrote :

Well. The new mountall might be mounting all the swap partitions. But since it fails to boot on my machine, it's kind of hard to tell. It looks very much as if my system is triply broken currently.

My most recent kernels don't even get out of the ramfs, looks like the update-initramfs is broken (again) so that it triggers a "PANIC: Circular dependency" error.

My older kernel which doesn't seem to have had the ramfs rebuilt broken gets into init proper, but first drops to a root password prompt when it dies with a "cannot remove /forcefsck: Read-only filesystem". If I log in and remount / read-write, I get "mountall start/starting" then nothing.

mountall really, seriously should have some sort of timeout and drop to a shell if it's unable to mount all the things it thinks it needs to. As it stands debugging this is astonishingly painful.