smuxi-server crashes immediately with SEGV on startup

Bug #306164 reported by Nathaniel Smith on 2008-12-08
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mono (Ubuntu)

Bug Description

Binary package hint: smuxi

My complete interaction with smuxi-server (0.6.2-1, installed from Intrepid repositories, system is up-to-date Intrepid):

  roberts:~$ smuxi-server
  zsh: segmentation fault smuxi-server
  roberts:~$ smuxi-server --help
  zsh: segmentation fault smuxi-server --help
  roberts:~$ smuxi-server --version

What I expected: something useful to happen, or at least some docs describing how to make it actually work...

Mirco Bauer (meebey) wrote :

Please run this commands and give me the output of them:
which mono
mono --version
uname -a
dpkg -l|grep mono

Nathaniel Smith (njs) wrote :

roberts:~$ which mono

roberts:~$ mono --version
Mono JIT compiler version 1.9.1 (tarball)
Copyright (C) 2002-2007 Novell, Inc and Contributors.
 TLS: __thread
 GC: Included Boehm (with typed GC)
 SIGSEGV: altstack
 Notifications: epoll
 Architecture: x86
 Disabled: none

roberts:~$ uname -a
Linux roberts #1 Wed Mar 5 13:57:22 EST 2008 i686 GNU/Linux

roberts:~$ dpkg -l | grep mono
ii libmono-corlib1.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono core library (1.0)
ii libmono-corlib2.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono core library (2.0)
ii libmono-data-tds1.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono Data library
ii libmono-data-tds2.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono Data Library
ii libmono-i18n1.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono I18N libraries (1.0)
ii libmono-i18n2.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono I18N libraries (2.0)
ii libmono-security1.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono Security library
ii libmono-security2.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono Security library
ii libmono-sharpzip2.84-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono SharpZipLib library
ii libmono-sqlite2.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono Sqlite library
ii libmono-system-data1.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono System.Data library
ii libmono-system-data2.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono System.Data Library
ii libmono-system-runtime2.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono System.Runtime Library
ii libmono-system-web1.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono System.Web library
ii libmono-system-web2.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono System.Web Library
ii libmono-system1.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono System libraries (1.0)
ii libmono-system2.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono System libraries (2.0)
ii libmono0 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 libraries for the Mono JIT
ii libmono2.0-cil 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono libraries (2.0)
ii mono-common 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 common files for Mono
ii mono-gac 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono GAC tool
ii mono-jit 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 fast CLI JIT/AOT compiler for Mono
ii mono-runtime 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu2 Mono runtime

Thanks for your reply.

Your Mono install looks ok then...

Could you try a different shell and/or terminal emulator (if you use
one), like bash on xterm.... as I have seen odd things happening with
Mono inside xemacs shell for example.

Another wild guess would be to start smuxi-server under gdb... does any
other Mono application work for you? You can try "gacutil -l" for
example, that's a very basic application present on all Mono installs.


Mirco 'meebey' Bauer

PGP-Key ID: 0xEEF946C8

FOSS Developer <email address hidden>
PEAR Developer <email address hidden>
Debian Developer <email address hidden>


roberts:~$ gacutil -l
zsh: segmentation fault gacutil -l

(and the same when using bash, of course.)

So I guess it's Not Your Bug -- please reassign as appropriate...

Mirco Bauer (meebey) wrote :

Re-assinging to mono-jit as this SEGV is a problem with runtime, as proven with the gacutil test.

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