Comment 231 for bug 868034

Sleepy John (john-eyre) wrote :

No need to apologise for your English, KinaPorras, it's fine!
But sorry to read this trouble is still ongoing, now on an E353 as well as E220. I've been holding off on an upgrade to 12.04 from my 11.10 in the hope that a real solution to this bug will be found.
This whole problem started in 11.10. E220 worked fine in Natty, and it doesn't seem as if the basic change that was introduced in Oneiric and which is responsible for this failure has been adequately addressed in any of the fixes since then . All the new releases, it appears, are coming out with the same basic error that started with 11.10. I wonder if there's any chance that 12.04.2 (just out I believe) is compatible with E220 and E353. Anyone been able to test it??