Comment 12 for bug 1030531

Josua Dietze (digidietze) wrote :

It has been added to "usb-modeswitch-data-20120531", released on May 31st.
This version is in Debian "wheezy (testing)".

The current version is 20120815, which is in Debian "sid (unstable)".

This is the content of the respective config file ("12d1:14b5"):

# Huawei E173 (Viettel 3G)

TargetVendor= 0x12d1


Note that "12d1:14a8" is the *modem* mode which does not need switching.

There is a hint in the syslog of post #5:

Jul 29 14:10:23 bertha usb_modeswitch: switching device 12d1:14b5 on 001/009
Jul 29 14:10:28 bertha usb_modeswitch: switched to 12d1:14a8 on 001/009

If the target ID is not contained in the config file, the ad-hoc binding to the "option" driver will fail. This is relevant if the "option" driver doesn't have the ID in its code yet.