Man page does not show all command line options

Bug #1813507 reported by mr123 on 2019-01-28
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mit-scheme (Ubuntu)

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The list of available command line options shown by 'mit-scheme --help' differs from that shown in 'man mit-scheme'. MIT Scheme release 9.1.1 on Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS.

* Exceprt from the man page:
       These are some of the more common command-line options. For full information about available options, see the Texinfo documentation.

       --heap NBLOCKS
              Specify the size of the heap in 1024-word blocks. The default heap size is 4096 blocks.

       --stack NBLOCKS
              Specify the size of the stack in 1024-word blocks. The default stack size is 128 blocks.

       --library PATH
              Specify where to look for Scheme's binary files. PATH should be a colon-separated list of directory names.

              Don't load the user's init file.

              Start the text editor automatically.

       --eval EXPRESSION...
              Evaluate the specified expressions after starting Scheme.

       --load FILENAME...
              Load the specified files after starting Scheme.

              Print a summary of the command-line options, including default values.

* List of options shown by 'mit-scheme --help':
$ mit-scheme --help
Usage: mit-scheme --OPTION ARG ... --OPTION ARG ...

This machine accepts the following command-line options. The options
may appear in any order, but they must all appear before any options
for the band.

--library PATH
  Sets the library search path to PATH. This is a colon-separated
  list of directories that is searched to find various library files,
  such as bands. If this option is not given, the value of the
  environment variable MITSCHEME_LIBRARY_PATH is used; if that isn't
  defined, "/usr/local/lib/mit-scheme" is used.

  Specifies the initial band to be loaded. Searches for FILENAME in
  the working directory and the library directories, returning the
  full pathname of the first readable file of that name. If this
  option isn't given, the filename is the value of the environment
  variable MITSCHEME_BAND, or if that isn't defined, ""; in
  these cases the library directories are searched, but not the
  working directory.

  Specifies that a cold load should be performed, using FILENAME as
  the initial file to be loaded. If this option isn't given, a normal
  load is performed instead. This option may not be used together
  with the "--band" option.

--heap BLOCKS
  Specifies the size of the heap in 1024-word blocks. Overrides any

--constant BLOCKS
  Specifies the size of constant space in 1024-word blocks. Overrides
  any default.

--stack BLOCKS
  Specifies the size of the stack in 1024-word blocks. Overrides any

  Causes Scheme to write option values to standard error.

  Causes Scheme to report the available command line options.

  Causes Scheme to report versions and copyrights, then exit.

--batch-mode, --quiet, --silent
  Suppresses the startup report of versions and copyrights, and the

  Specifies that Scheme is running as a subprocess of GNU Emacs.
  This option is automatically supplied by GNU Emacs, and should not
  be given under other circumstances.

  If this option isn't specified, and Scheme's standard I/O is not a
  terminal, Scheme will detach itself from its controlling terminal.
  This will prevent it from getting signals sent to the process group
  of that terminal. If this option is specified, Scheme will not
  detach itself from the controlling terminal.

  Specifies that Scheme should not generate a core dump under any

Please report bugs to <email address hidden>.

Additional options may be supported by the band (and described below).

Copyright (C) 2011 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR

Image saved on Tuesday February 6, 2018 at 6:31:25 PM
  Release 9.1.1 || Microcode 15.3 || Runtime 15.7 || SF 4.41 || LIAR/x86-64 4.118 || Edwin 3.116

ADDITIONAL OPTIONS supported by this band:

  Causes Edwin to start immediately after Scheme.

--eval ARG ...
  Evaluates the argument expressions as if in the REPL.

--load ARG ...
  Loads the argument files as if in the REPL.
  In batch mode, loading messages are suppressed.

  Inhibits automatic loading of the ~/.scheme.init file.

  Inhibits automatic saving of bands to ~/scheme_suspend.

  If specified, Scheme saves a band to ~/scheme_suspend on reception
  of some signals. This is unavailable on some operating systems.
  Under Unix, this is triggered by SIGUSR1 and SIGPWR, and also, if
  Scheme is not running under Emacs, SIGHUP.

Moriturus te saluto.

mr123 (mr123) on 2019-01-28
summary: - Man page does not list all command line options
+ Man page does not show all command line options
description: updated
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