Comment 11 for bug 201291

On Fri, Mar 28, 2008 at 06:56:18PM -0000, James Westby wrote:

> I have prepared two patches for this bug, but I'm not
> really happy with either of them. The first I attach here
> changes the mime types to be those specified by
> Xiph here.


> My problem with this patch is that it changes
> the mime type off .ogg, and adds a bunch of other
> mime types, so I think that we also need to upload
> changes so that audio/ogg etc. have the correct
> applications run. It may also be that some applications
> also have to be fixed.

Why change the mime type associated with .ogg, instead of just adding the
new mappings for .ogv and .oga?

IMHO, redefining the associated mime type for .ogg is out of scope for this
bug (and an inappropriate change post-beta), and just adding MIME mappings
for the new extensions should be sufficient.