Comment 3 for bug 95152

akl (akl) wrote :

Hi Evan,

os-prober on a system with a localized german copy of windows xp professsional presents me with the following output:

/dev/sda1:Windows XP Media Center Edition:Windows:chain
/dev/sdb1:Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS (6.06):Ubuntu:linux
/dev/sdb3:Ubuntu feisty (development branch) (7.04):Ubuntu1:linux

So it does recognize the windows installation on sda1 correctly. Unfortunately it then chooses to ignore it. I noticed that the function search_windowsxp () in ma-search-users is looking for the path name "$mountpoint/Documents and Settings"/* As Martin points out this would be called "Dokumente und Einstellungen" in the german version.

I'll attach the /var/log/installer/debug log that got created by running ubiquity with the -d option on this particular system.